Alif Art Antikacılık A.Ş was founded by distinguished members of  KESKİNER and  SALABİ families who have been serving for many years both domestically in Turkey and abroad in Europe for museums, antique sector and distingusihed art collectors.

The name “Alif” comes from first letter in Arabic alphabet, “Elif (or Alif in English)” which has numerological value of “1” and which symbolizes the state of “uniqueness” and “oneliness. The word “Alif” also has a profond meaning as mediation for familarity and acquitance. It is the primary letter used in             autochthonous language of Mediterranian languages. “Alif” becomes “Alfa” in Greek, “Alef” in Hebrew and “Elif” in Arabic language.       

Our primary goal is to attain as much unique and genuine items and act as bridge between these items and their potential new owners. “Alif” represents this desire/purpose. Also; Alif Art team feels enthusiastic to fulfill this desire which makes perfect combination of company title and team aspects.     

Auction catalogues, prepared in high level of enthusiasm, covers display of whole items in which Alifart is the sole authorized seller and by which initial auction sales prices are set by the Company. Contents of these catalogues are accessible through our website, or through international site These catalogues also might be delivered to many different location via private posting line and items mentioned on these catalogues shall be available on display in Art Showroom by Alif Art in Nisantasi 20 days prior to the auction sale. Many collectioners and experts may be able to see and review items displayed. It is to note that auction sales are performed in the presence of public notary who attests and validates the auction results.           

Along with aforementioned professional approach; Alif Art performs charity auction sales so that revenue generated from these sales are assigned for NGOs focusing on Contemporary Education.   

Alif Art is proud to be a pioneer in auction sales and continues its transactions and services without making any concessions on its idealist approach.