It is a rare occasion that most of you missed this news from last week. The issue which created a mass public focus was one of outstanding works of Banksy, famous and genuine artist who creates  amazement in the art world with each step he takes by adressing millions of people throughout the World and who and leaves impressive traces of good artistic impression in the name of activism and art. One edition of the artist's masterpieces, Balloon Girl created in 2006, was self-destructed during the auction sales session after when a conclusive bid of 1 million pound was received and adopted.   

Amazingly, artitic work began to be shredded and after a while it was noted that a shreedder installed inside the frame had been trigerred. This conclusion was also acknowledged by a comprehensive video shooting uploaded to artist’s Instagram account which was removed shortly. In his video; ıt was explained how the frame had been designed and how whole of this display was organised. 

Banksy is well known for his activisim and large scale art-works.

One might think that there is a million pound loss and be shocked. But it is obvious that art market operates in different manner.  This event –or better to say “the Show” became most popular topic throughout world of art and it is preasumable that the  value of this artistic work was incremented by the promotion asirising from this incident.    

So, let us think that this strange situation shall serve as an excuse to inner balances, rules and absurdities of art World which Banksy continously criticized but is also critized as being a part of it.

This incident shall not serve as conclusion for attempts by Bansky deceive the whole world. Yet; as soon I was informed on this issue; for me this incident became one of top five incidents by Bansky. So; let me share other remaining four with you:       











2004: Banknotes without the Queen


The artist dispered bundles of money during the London Carnival in 2004. If you ask me what it weird with that; I would say there was a portrait of Lady Diana and it was written  Banksy of England” instead of “Bank of England”. Even after months, counterfeit banknotes had emerged from different corners of the UK, and there were even those who had actually succeeded in spending it.


2013: Cheap Banksy in Central Park

Those who have visited New York may already know that there are many artists especially drawing on benches benches around Central Park and MoMA and try to sell their prints, drawings and paintings on reasonable price. So, Banksy also sold (or rather, did not show himself and let someone else to sell)  some of his works to some $ 60 for one day in order to state the hypocrisy of the art market in which works by some of artists were exhibited in museums for a million dollars and acquired by buyers on outstanding price level. So few people bought Banskky’s artistic works (original value in thousands of dollars) yet no one was aware that it was original masterpiece.  


2015: Dismaland

Basky’s opposition against brutality of the world and against humanity who tries to escape from real facts by ignoring what was happening in other parts of the World or by spending their own wealth on “dolce vita” life style became evident by an amusement theme park, Dismaland. This park, full of scary images and  horrific acitvities was inspired by famous Disneyland.      


 2017: World's Worst View Hotel

Last year, Banksy opened  The Walled Off Hotel , which is located jus beside the wall erected by Israel at the border between  Palestine in West Bank the which he says it is a hotel wtih the worst view”