Calligraphic Panel “Sulus – Nesih Kit’a” Signed, dated AH (12)91/AD 1874. 20 x 27 cm.
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A LOT OF TWO CALLIGRAPHIC PANELS a. Signed by “Mehmed Rasid (1816- 1879)” dated AH 1288/AD 1871. 25 x 34 cm. b. Signed by “Mustafa Eyyubi (?-1686)”. We think the signature was added later. 20 x 26 cm. ... Read More
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Category: Calligraphy
Lot No: 164

Signed “Mehmed Rasid”, dated AH 1289/AD 1872. We believe sections of this work were written by different calligraphers.
72,5 x 47,5 cm.

* Private Collection.

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